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Vietnam from Nate Atkinson on Vimeo.

The Vietnam Video was a collaboration between Jordan Jeffers, Matt Czapar, and the Atkinson Brothers, with help from Joe Fox and Andrew S. Cottingham (Head Camera Operator). The video is 19 minutes of gunfights and also a story of the men who were there. Received much acclaim for the music.
People are unsure why matt wore a sports bra and why Carli Murphy was in the credits with a special thanks. Maybe there is a connection here?

Nathan does not know how to speak Vietnamese.

The only Triad Pictures film to have a cameo by Robin Williams.

In the un-rated version of the film, Nathan can be seen not wearing any pants.

Many people wonder where this was filmed, because it looks as though it could have been filmed on seen in Vietnam. The answer is much simpler than that, it was filmed at the Godar Ranch. That Godars are great people.

The walk up in the beginning of the flashback is obviously homage to Reservoir Dogs.

In a way, this video ties into the Comics video in the sense that they both include a reference to the USA Women's soccer team win, and people taking off their shirts,

Nic's scene where he goes wild is a take from The Matrix where Neo Fights agent Smith, "He is beginning to believe."

The random facts were included in the video to meet a requirement of 30 facts throughout the video.