Got Milk? Milk Drinking Contest Documentary


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Got Milk - Milk Drinking Contest Documentary from Nate Atkinson on Vimeo.

Triad's first documentary, created by Andrew Cottingham, it goes deep into a local Milk Drinking Contest.
Oh yeah, we should mention that were the MPAA to rate this documentary, it would probably get a PG-13 for vampire violence and sci-fi language.

Click Here to see the behind the scenes footage.

After further research, Kaleb appears to be one of the few people ever to drink a Gallon in an hour without puking. I have seen articles all over the internet claiming that it is impossible. Well, Kaleb did it.

The title is obviously from all of the "Got Milk?" advertisements. I just thought I'd mention that to avoid a lawsuit.

All of the songs (except for La Grange and Oh Yeah) were picked because they were on the radio as we were buying the milk.

As we were paying for the milk, a couple of older kids were buying a couple of 24 packs of beer and wanted to know why'd we'd have a milk drinking contest instead of a beer drinking contest, to which romang agreed.

As Jake is throwing up, Nathan is counting down on the clock. the camera pans to the right to see the reaction of some of the viewers, and as the camera pans back to Jake, Czapar can be seen taking a leak by the light pole.

It was my goal to make something more than just a bunch of kids throwing up, I figured anyone could do that.

It's a documentary, there's not really anything interesting to talk about that isn't already in the movie.