The 2 Day Switch


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The 2 Day Switch

The 2 Day Switch from Nate Atkinson on Vimeo.

2 days before we were supposed to shoot I still didn't have any ideas for what the sequel would be about, so I made a playlist of Songs that I wanted to use and went jogging at night for about 80 minutes. 10 minutes into the jog the whole story came to me.

The flashback was the most time consuming to edit, needing about 10 hours to render and complete.

The scene taking place in the tunnel was a huge problem. First it was all dialogue and second the sound was once again a huge problem. In the end I added about 3 separate levels of presence and ambience to match the different sounds in each persons take.

The clip I'm watching at the end is from SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, which is the theme playing throughout the entire scene.