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Switch from Nate Atkinson on Vimeo.

The outdoor scenes were shot with 3 rolls of 7212, and one roll of 7218, which has an ASA of 500, which means it requires very little light to expose the film, basically you can film just using the lights that are actually there and don't need to set up the film lights.

1 week before I had to film this, 3 of my 7 actors dropped out on me. I was lucky enough to find a person to fill in for the main protagonist 2 days before the shoot, another person had to play 2 parts and I had to fill in as a cop.

I filmed this in the third week of October, hoping that the weather would be nice enough for me to still shoot outside. It was a crappy day though, and what really sucked was like a month later, it was in the 60's.

The whole opening up until the apartment scenes was the last footage I shot outside. I wanted to make sure that I had the entire ending first, so once we filmed that, we went to another location and filmed the beginning. The problem was that I only had 50 feet of my outdoor film left, only about 35 minutes of sunlight left, and I needed to get about 24 shots. Normally, 24 shots would take about 2 hours and much more than 50 feet of film, which is the equivilant of about 75 seconds. So I was running around with the camera, just guessing at what the light meter would read, and shooting right when the action started. It was insane.