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One from Nate Atkinson on Vimeo.

Technically not a Triad Pictures Film

This definitely has the most parts of any of the video's we've ever made, with a total of 14 speaking roles.

The movie starts in the 90's, and to maintain that era, those scenes were closely watched to make sure that no current items found their way into the scenes, such as cars, and even the 20$ bill, which was somewhat difficult to get.

Also, since the movie did jump around a lot and never stuck with one character for too long, I decided to have at least one thing tieing all the scenes together: the music. All the songs are by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.

Originally, Emu had a part, but due to the fact that he was in St. Louis when I wanted to film it, the part went to Jake.

I had to slim this video down to 5 minutes to submit it for the scholarship. It was tough, the only way I could do it was by totally cutting out 5 parts. The whole middle is gone, and the story jumps from 16 years into the future, instead of a gradual change.

In the scene where Jordan saves the boy from getting hit by the truck, Pat scenes were all filmed at about noon, Scott and Jennifer's scenes were filmed at 5:30, and Jordan's scenes were filmed at about 6, with Nick Blough driving the truck. Jordan filmed all of his scenes by himself, as did Jennifer and Scott. Nic Atkinson stood in for both Jordan and Jennifer.

Leann got her part when I yelled across the street, "Hey, do you want to be in a movie?"