Word Processor of the Gods


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Word Processor of the Gods

Word Processor of the Gods from Nate Atkinson on Vimeo.

Triad Pictures' first collaboration. This is based on Stephen King's Word Processor of the Gods. Starring Ben Egan as Richard Hagstrom with a wife (Ashleigh Oxtoby) and child (Kevin Klickna) who do not appreciate him and show him no love. His niece (Teresa Valentini) makes him a computer, but what she did not realize is the powers that the computer would have. Shortly after building the computer, she and her father (Brendan Hahn) and mother (Laura Dieden) were killed in a car accident. Produced and Directed by Andrew Cottingham.

"It's about a man with a dream-machine" -senior

Not many people understand the echoing laugh as Ben descends the stairs. They are the constant rejections and sorrows that plague Richard. The only way for Richard to escape them is the basement, but the voices can sometimes follow him there as well. Basically, it was in his head.

Ashleigh Oxtoby was not the original person to play Richard's wife, but came straight from volleyball practice when the original person cast never showed up. Thanks.

The "computer" was a busted VCR that I (Cottingham) was going to throw off a high place, but thought that it may come in handy.

The "smoke" was incense.

Richards wife getting fat after their son had been erased was never fully explained in the story. It could be that since she no longer had to be an active parent in the community that she just no longer cared, or maybe it doesn't matter and people shouldn't read too much into it.

I got many compliments from girls saying that they liked the video, that it was much better than the "bad and way too violent La Policia." The opposite was true for most of the guys.

There was originally going to be another ending of the film where Richard commits suicide but the investigators are stumped.

"Only one thing bothers me about this."

"Oh yeah, what's that chief."

"How the Hell did he get all 6 shots off?"