The Saga 0: The End Begins


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Part 0 from Nate Atkinson on Vimeo.

Here it is, the first episode of The Saga. Due to all the hype from people working on the later Saga episodes, these first few episodes will seem slow and boring. We know there is no action, so you don't have to tell us. Don't worry though, they get much better. This episode was set up to inform, so we suggest you watch it to get a better look into the world of The Saga.
This episode was almost 100% adlibbed.

We actually shot all of Nathan's scene in the bathroom at one time, and then had Nic go into that port-a-potty when Nathan was done with his lines. I would have preferred to film Nic in his own stall to make the filming go quicker, but someone had spilled a lot of mustard in the women's port-a-potty. And that's not slang for some kind of bodily waste, there was really just a bunch of mustard all over the inside.

Nathan hated his costume.