The Saga Part 5: Delta's Demise


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The Saga Part 5: Delta's Demise from Nate Atkinson on Vimeo.

Delta kicks the bucket, on what Ghost says are his orders from the big guy, as Josh confronts Nic about Killing people.
The series starts to gather momentum starting with this episode.

The whole opening and lines are an homage to American Beauty.

The camera was mounted on the back of a bike and Nathan rode it as I ran behind. When Nathan and Nic arrived to film that day, Nathan thought we were filming him first, so he was fully dressed in his outfit. While he was riding, a woman in a mini-van stopped and just stared us down, when Nathan said, "Quit gawking at me you bitch!" She drove off.

I waved to Mr. Hill as I was running.

We must have done at least 3 separate takes of Nic handing the juice to Josh because Josh kept drinking all the juice. The first one was the worst because it was just a 10 second section where Josh was drinking the juice and Nic's jaw started to drop.

The scenes of Pee-Wee were put in for a reason. First, the song was already going to be in the episode, and I though it would make more sense if it was because Josh was watching the movie on TV. The last shot of Pee-Wee with the lion, was foreshadowing that bad things were about to come, specifically to Nic on his bike ride. The whole next episode was going to be Nic on his bike that would explode if his speed dropped below 11 mph, but was cut.