The Saga Part 4: Delta Awakens


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The Saga Part 4: Delta Awakens from Nate Atkinson on Vimeo.

Delta seems to have recovered from the surgery, but is not all there, while Ghost seems to be more than angry that Delta is still outranking him. Nathan falls even deeper into the realm of bad guys. Josh seems to have some insights that not even Nic has, while poor Nic finally reveals he has a sweating disease.
A slower episode, but with some vital information.

The Yoo-Hoo had been collected for about a month before it's scene was filmed.

Nic was the camera man while Cottingham was playing Delta.

On one of the scenes were the remote goes into Josh's hand, Nathan slid it and it hit Josh on the head.

Nic's sweating disease was come about basically on the spot, but since a life-threatening disease was needed to heighten the tension in later episodes, we stuck with it.

The crow's call at the end of the episode is symbolic for Nathan's relationship with death and evil.