The Saga Part 3: Problems


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The Saga Part 3: Problems from Nate Atkinson on Vimeo.

Finally some action, but only for a little while. Nic befriends Josh who is more than he seems while Nathan is a bit messed up from the unnecesary surgery performed on him by Delta whom Ghost tries to fix. But not all is well with Nic either.
Blough's character is introduced in this episode, unnamed as of yet, but known to be the head honcho.

Even if Josh did have the "Force" and was able to tell what all of Nic's cards were, the bigger mystery is how Josh happened to have the same cards in his hands.

The scenes where Nic and Nathan were fighting on top of the structure and the camera is below was filmed at least months after the episode was originally filmed.

At this point, Blough was not yet casted in the Saga, and so all of Shull's conversation was filmed and scripted towards a character that did not yet fully exist.