The Saga Part 6: Nathan's Turn


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The Saga Part 6: Nathan's Turn from Nate Atkinson on Vimeo.

This is it, The Saga starts to go from a story oriented movie to more of an action oriented one.
Nathan comes full circle and realizes what has happened to him, but is it too late? Nic and Josh must leave the house for fear of an attack by Nathan.

very episode after Part 5 was directed with a certain style in mind. The style for this episode was clearly the style of Martin Scorsese. Not only is the music (from Cape Fear) an indicator of this, but the camera movement and the way things were framed also show that this episode was definitely stylized.

"This looks like it was professionally edited!" - Nathan R. Atkinson

Scott and Matt Murphy were in the backseat of Nathan's car.

For the scene where Nathan hears the echoes "kill", "destruction", "murder" etc. I just circled him once with the camera, just going one direction. I then took the film and put it in reverse and combined it with the original footage to get more of the feeling that things were out of control for Nathan.

When Nic goes into the bedroom to sleep, Nathan can be seen sitting at his desk.

When Nathan answers the phone, there is a digital 2 on the base. This is symbolic. Not really.

I had really wanted to use the "Beetlejuice" theme since The Saga started.

Nic's "Medicine" is his sweat medicine. The fact that they leave the house without it shows that Nic is preparing to die.

The whole scene in the basement was spur-of-the-moment. I just wanted to try and do a little suspense scene. A couple of weeks later Josh and I filmed "alone."

The monster sound effect was a mix between a bell and Nic.