The Saga Part 11: Leaving Town


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the Saga Part 11: Leaving Town from Nate Atkinson on Vimeo.

An episode dedicated wholly to Ghost. Ghost is forced to leave town after the dieing Delta orders some militia to take him out.

For this episode, the style I thought would best work would be that of Steven Soderbergh's. The style I was trying to duplicate was "Ocean's 11" and "Traffic."

Originally, my choices for hit men were Taylor and Big T, but since Big T was not in town during Spring Break, I went to Pat, who was awesome.

Shull's first lines in the episode are spoken with a childish, Yogi Bear type of accent. Shull was saying the lines this way to be difficult, and I told him those were the ones I was using, and I did.

The idea behind Ghost being in his underwear was that he had basically taken Delta's house over. Luckily he was wearing shoes.

The shot of Shull being escorted by Taylor between the two trees was a reference to Part 2, where shull was running between the trees with a shotgun to try and stop Nic. I just thought it was interesting the way things had turned out for Ghost.

Before we left my house to film the scenes of Shull being driven to his death, I told Taylor to pick out a drink and a straw. I told him the scene, and I don't think anyone thought it would be funny at all, but when they saw it they all laughed.

In the shot where the camera is on the side of Taylor's car, the Atkinson's truck can be seen, I think they were flipping us off.

We didn't really have a good reason for Shull not getting shot right there, the bathroom thing was all I could think off. Shull thought it was a bit weird. "It makes it sound like I'm going in there to wack-off for the last time."

After Taylor and Shull get into the bathroom, there is a wide shot of Pat standing alone. On the left side of the frame you can see Nathan, and on the right you can see Nic.

The bathroom was actually the Atkinson's basement, the bathroom's at the park were all still locked.

After Shull comes out of the bathroom, my disc started to go crazy, so we had to refilm those scenes the next day when it was raining.

Originally, Ghost never went to Ottawa. The first idea I had was that he would get transported somewhere by Nic. He would show up in this town and it would be like the Twilight Zone. Another idea was that he got zapped into a cornfield and then he would hear the whisper, "if you build it, he will come." The last idea I had was that he would get caught by Kahn, who turned out to be a monster, and would get eaten. Going to Ottawa was the best choice.