The Saga Part 7: Farewell


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The Saga Part 7: Farewell from Nate Atkinson on Vimeo.

Josh begins his training with Nic while Delta explains to the unknowing Kahn how he was betrayed by Ghost. We get our first idea of just how sick Nic is.
Jordan's character (Tim the tennis pro) is introduced in this episode.

The style I tried to shoot for with this episode was Brian DePalma's style, from the movies "Untouchables" and especially "Mission: Impossible."

The idea behind the conversation Blough and Delta have is that Blough never ordered Delta's death and that Ghost went behind his back to kill Delta. Ghost disliked Delta because he still outranked him, even though he was really messed up.

We finally got to do our first montage: training.

Josh's training was extremely hectic. It was what led to his character getting killed off. Basically, Josh needed to go through the training for it to seem believable that he could take the World Crime League down by himself. Josh hated the training and the exercises he had to do. He didn't want to work at all. When we got out there to film, I myself was feeling pretty down about The Saga and even wondering if we should keep making them, nobody seemed to care at all. This combined with the fact that Josh was being difficult didn't make things better. So when Nic suggested killing him off, I saw the new possibilities for The Saga. And by Josh dieing, he becomes a tragic figure, and the viewer automatically sees the tragic figure's fiend as more of a fiend and their mentor as more of a hero.

Basically, after Josh went through his training, he would get new sunglasses and guns, and he and Nic would take the WCL down.

After the montage ends, Nathan can be seen flying across the sky. I took a small picture of Nathan and had it transition across the screen. I've heard it looked like a kite and a playing card.

It was Matt Czapar who yanked Josh back.

Originally, Nic yelled, "Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn!" just as a joke. Then we realized that we needed to dub something over it since Nic would not yet know who Kahn even was.

I wanted the first shot of Jordan to tell the viewer a lot. First, he's smoking. The truth is that Tim has cancer (medicinal marijuana), and that is why he was such a great fighter in Vietnam, because he wasn't afraid to die. After some time, he has become adjusted to it and no longer wants to die, and thus is afraid to die. Secondly, he has a gun in his hands, meaning he is afraid. Jordan is no longer a warrior like Nic, he was kicked out because of the drugs.