The Saga Part 8: Payback


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The Saga Part 8: Payback from Nate Atkinson on Vimeo.

Kahn and Ghost search Nic's house while Nic reaches his sickest point in The Saga. Tim rescues him, but it is Ghost who really needs the help.
The first mention of David Igby: The contract Killer is in this episode.

The style I tried to use with this episode was from two directors. Sam Mendes (Road to Perdition) and Steven Spielberg (Minority Report).

We've seen people zap in and out of places before, I just thought I would show it again so that later it was a task that the audience would be able to recognize as being advantageous to Ghost.

The reason why Ghost says that the computer was torn up and that all the good parts were gone was going to serve a purpose later in the story. Josh was a boy robot. That is the reason why he has no past, because it wasn't created. He has intuitive programs built into him and that is why he seems to have the gift. Josh's father's name was going to be Sam (Systems of Artificial Machinery) and that was going to be the place where Delta finally was fixed and had the metal plate taken out of his head. Josh was going to be an unknowing spy for Kahn. Even though he was killed, I was going to still try and put the hints in, but I forgot.

The reason Ghost and Kahn talk is just to set up that something is not quite right with this situation.

The World Crime League is actually a huge corporation, Having the second unit was just put in to show that there is more the the WCL than we have shown thus far.

We filmed their episode and the beginning of Part 7 at the same time. Blough has the same clothes on.

With Nic, I was trying to show that he had clearly pushed himself to the edge.

Jordan actually filmed this episode before he did Part 7. He brought a lot of intensity to the part.

David Igby was born in the United States, with his twin brother Brian Igby who makes self-help tapes. They were both put up for adoption when they were born in 1951. Brian Igby was adopted by some right-wing conservatives while David Igby was adopted by a vietnameese couple who moved back to Vietnam shortly after The United States entered the war. There David joined the army and that is where he met Tim the Tennis Pro. Since then, they have remained good friends.

"There is no spoon" is an obvious reference to The Matrix.

Jordan with his arms up was supposed to mirror Willem Defoe in Platoon.

The shot of Shull running along the sidewalk consisted of Nathan driving the van and Nic filming out the side. They both did an awesome job with the speed they drove and the way they kept the fence framed up perfectly.

Nic filmed all the parts with Delta.